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Palm Desert First


For Palm Desert City Council District 2

Steven E. 



Steve Moyer is the only candidate running for Palm Desert City Council in District Two who will ensure that the people of Palm Desert have the representation they deserve.  

This year, for the first time in its 47-year history, the City of Palm Desert will elect representatives from two City Council districts when voters cast their ballots on November 3rd.

District One includes about twenty percent of the City and is located in the center city, near the downtown area, Civic Center Park, and nearby neighborhoods such as the San Pablo area. A single City Council member will represent district 1.

District Two, which is much larger, includes all the surrounding communities or eighty percent of the city.  District Two will be represented by four City Council Members, only two of whom are up for election in 2020.  The remaining two City Council Members will be up for reelection in 2022.

The creation of the two districts settled a lawsuit against the city by two plaintiffs who live in Palm Desert for violating the California Voting Rights Act.  The City Council proposed this settlement and justified it by saying the new system ensures “that the voices and votes of all Palm Desert residents are heard and translate to meaningful representation”.  This is false.

Unfortunately, all the two district system does is ensure that some voices and votes are heard.  It carves out a little donut hole in the center of the city to satisfy the plaintiffs who live in the center of the city.  However, in eighty percent of the city the settlement perpetuates the unfair and unequal 47-year old system that prompted the lawsuit in the first place.  

All four of the Council seats in District Two continue to be elected at-large, similar to the way it has been done for 47 years.  As a result, all four of the incumbents in District Two live in the same elite community.  Instead of having representatives who share their values, interests and principles, the remainder of the eighty percent are being governed by four people from outside their communities.

In short, this settlement did nothing to ensure that eighty percent of Palm Desert’s voters’ voices are heard.  All it did was protect the seats of the incumbents in the City Council.

Vote for Steve Moyer for Palm Desert City Council District Two.